We are an Architectural Company specializing in custom Luxury Residential single family homes, large or small, whether new or remodeled and Historical Landmark properties requiring restoration. For unique and timeless design with exquisite quality and sumptuous amenities we also provide the "Designers Series" of pre-designed Conceptual Architecture which includes Fantasy themes such as our Mayan Temple Estate available for future construction.


We appreciate and reflect upon the Hawaiian Culture and it's unique history, it's native building materials and rare and perfect climate when designing a new home to capture every aspect of the treasures of this island.


Our company believes in exceeding expectations while providing attention to comfort, quality, durability, and expressing the desires of the Client for every architectural indulgence.


Our mission is to design beautiful, timeless, quality homes that nurture every aspect of our lives. We strive to inform visitors and locals of the places in which we live, work, learn, heal and gather. We engage the clients in the design process and believe everyone has valuable contributions in the creation of their new home.

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The Reviews What our clients say about LuxHomesHI

C O.

Honolulu, HI

We remodeled our master bath and closet, and built a wine cellar and basement on our property. Bill was prompt in his drawings, patient as we changed various features of the plans, and was great to work with once the construction was done to ensure the as-built job was reflected in the drawings on file with both us, and the City. He took care of the whole permit process for us, and made the process truly simple and easy.


Don M.

Honolulu, HI

I have worked with famous Architects here in Hawaii. The more famous they are the more likely they are to want to have their stamp on the job. An example is Vladimir Ossipoff here in Honolulu. He was a wonderful Architect, however when you walked into the project you could immediately know it was an Ossipoff Job. With Bill's designs the design will be the Owners Design. I think this is a very important consideration.


Outpaddling P.

Honolulu, HI

Bill was introduced to us back in 2001 when we interviewed five qualified architects to design the home of our dreams. He alone possessed all the qualities that we were looking for: an ability to create an original design that was truly ours and not just some testament to his own ego, a desire to please (like thoughtful suggestions based upon his many years of experience), and a pleasant personality to fit comfortably with all the disparate people and points-of-view in such a large project. Bill's initial concepts for our future home showed true genius, but he willingly compromised on changes knowing that we had our own requirements and, of course, would be the occupants. Unfortunately, we can't say that the other four architects were as sincere in this essential ingredient. After checking his many references and seeing a few of his homes, we were sold.


Jeff F.

Honolulu, HI

I have referred numerous clients to Bill and they have been totally thrilled with his work. He truly listens to what the client wants and then works within their esthetic and financial parameters to bring their dreams to fruition. Bill is also excellent at additions and remodels to homes in such a seamless way that you would never know the home wasn't originally built that way!




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